About us

Payment by Coins

Cleanomat Hachzacot Ltd provides its customers with special coins that are to be purchased prior to using. The coins price is pre-determined, with no additional monthly rent.

An electronic operating system for an efficient operation of laundry rooms

A technologically advanced, user-friendly operating system to keep laundry rooms running efficiently. The system can operate up to 7 washers and 5 dryers in every room. The machines can be activated using coins, bills or credit cards in accordance with customer's requirements.

Cleanomat Hachzacot Ltd. was established in 1989 and specializes in renting commercial washing and drying machines to institutions. Since its establishment, the company has gained a vast reputation and experience due to its high level of professionalism, service and innovation. The industrial washing and drying machines supplied by Cleanomat Hachzacot Ltd. are imported from the leading international manufacturers in the world and are the most advanced machines available in the market today. The company's large customer base is spread all over the country and includes nursing homes, Kibbutzim, hotels, public institutions, student dormitories, boarding school, yeshivas and more.


The equipment imported by Cleanomat Hachzacot Ltd includes commercial washing and drying machines at capacity levels ranging between 7 to 35 kilograms. The machines are gas electricity or steam heated, according to customers' needs and preferred operation.

The machines are highly advanced and are manufactured at the cutting edge levels of‏ technology, enabling repeated use with no breakdowns or wear.


Cleanomat Hachzacot Ltd. is renowned for its professionalism, personal service and attentive care to customer needs. The company maintains the machines on a regular basis and with extreme skill while providing the highest quality of service. The company does not charge an additional payment for spare parts and the cost of service is identical to all customers.

Operation Options:

Cleanomat Hachzacot Ltd. provides its customers with a wide range of operation options according to individual needs and requirements.

Monthly Rental

Cleanomat Hachzacot Ltd offers a monthly rental of washing and drying machines

Smart Card

Cleanomat Hachzacot Ltd provides its customers with a smart card that serves as an electronic wallet and replaces the use of coins or money. The cards are purchased and loaded using a charger. The price is pre-determined and the card can serve the user for long periods of time with no limit. Working with the smart card is the easiest, safest and most innovative way to operate the machines.

at a pre-determined price.